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  • Ping's Beryllium Copper Irons: What happened to the BeCu

    The beryllium copper iron was introduced by Ping in the early eighties with the release of the 1982 Eye2's. 1984, Ping releases the BeCu Eye2, or Beryllium Copper Eye2 iron, which is actually cast using the Eye2 Lite molds. [1]

  • Safety and Health Topics Beryllium Occupational Safety

    Bertrandite (<1% beryllium) is the principal mineral mined for beryllium in the U.S. while beryl (4% beryllium) is the principal mineral mined for beryllium in the rest of the world. Beryllium is used industrially in three forms: as a pure metal, as beryllium oxide, and most commonly, as an alloy with copper, aluminum, magnesium, or nickel.

  • Beryllium Copper Alloys High Strength Spring Copper

    The commercial grades of beryllium copper contain 0.4 to 2.0 percent beryllium. The small ratio of beryllium to copper creates a family of high copper alloys with strength as high as alloy steel. The first of the two families, C17200 and C17300,


    commercially important berylliumcontaining substances rather, it indies the range of beryl lium compounds available. 1.2 Chemical and physical properties of the agents Beryllium (atomic number, 4 relative atomic mass, 9.01) is a metal, which belongs to Group IIA of the Periodic Table. The oxidation state of beryllium compounds is +2. Selected chemical and physical properties of

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    Copperberyllium alloys offer a combination of mechanical and electrical properties which is unique for copper alloys. The mechanical strength achieved after heat treatment ranks highest among all copper alloy materials and is combined with an electrical conductivity which outperforms that of bronzes.

  • Materion Machining Copper Beryllium

    electrical Discharge machining copper Beryllium ..15 appendix a A special leadcontaining copper beryllium, freemachining Alloy M25, is used when the formation of small, discontinuous chips during machining is desirable. Alloy M25 is available in wire and rod. Typically, it is turned on automated screw machines in the H or 1/2 H temper. The mechanical and physical properties of Alloy

  • Copper Beryllium Vs. MATERIAL BerylliumFree Copper MOLD

    beryllium copper contain higher levels of nickel, but for whatever reason it just doesn't seem to get much attention." Cliff Moberg, president of Performance Alloys (Germantown, WI) — a supplier of berylliumfree copper alloys for use in constructing cavities, cores and inserts, as well as other appliions — refutes the aforementioned statement. "While nickel is a listed carcinogen

  • Beryllium Copper Alloys

    master alloy of copper and beryllium, containing approximately 4 % of beryllium. The manufacturing process is as follows: 1) Chemical treatment of the ore (beryl), a double aluminium beryllium silie, to produce a beryllium oxide. 2) Reduction of the beryllium oxide with carbon by calcining in an electric arc furnace in the presence of copper. Copperberyllium alloys are mainly based on

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    Copper beryllium high strength alloys are also less dense than conventional specialty coppers, often providing more pieces per pound of input material, thus in practice a higher unit price of copper beryllium is often compensated by a lower weight required to serve a

  • Beryllium Safety Bulletin Overview

    capable of safely processing copper berylliumcontaining materials. However, like many industrial materials, copper beryllium may present a health risk if handled improperly. The inhalation of dust, mist or fume containing beryllium can cause a serious lung condition in some individuals. The degree of hazard varies, depending on the form of the product, how it is processed and handled, as well

  • BerylliumContaining Master Alloys IBC Advanced Alloys

    Beryllium copper, beryllium nickel, and beryllium aluminum "Master Alloys" are formulated to introduce relatively small percentage "alloying" additions to base metal furnace melts.

  • Beryllium Element information, properties and uses

    Beryllium is used in alloys with copper or nickel to make gyroscopes, springs, electrical contacts, spotwelding electrodes and nonsparking tools. Mixing beryllium with these metals increases their electrical and thermal conductivity.

  • NGK Berylco BERYLCO® Safety Tools Beryllium copper

    Berylco Safety Tools are made of high strength beryllium copper which is a copperbased alloy containing approximately 1.8% beryllium. The alloy can be heat treated to hardness ranges of Rockwell C3545, with tensile strengths up to 190,000 p.s.i. This allows our tools to be precisely forged, cast, formed, machined and hardened to strength levels that cannot be achieved in tools made from

  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds

    Berylliumcopper alloy is used in a wide variety of appli ions, including electrical connectors and relays, wheels and pin ions, nonsparking tools, and switches in automobiles (ATSDR 2002).

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    Primordial beryllium contains only one stable isotope, 9 Be, and therefore beryllium is a monoisotopic element. Berylliumcopper alloys were also applied as a hardening agent in "Jason pistols" which were used to strip the paint from the hulls of ships.

    Pronunciation: /bəˈrɪliəm/ ​(bəRILeeəm)
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    Beryllium copper is the strongest, most durable copper alloy that contains anywhere from 0.5 to 3% beryllium, an alkaline earth metal that is mainly used as a hardening agent in alloys. Pure copper by itself is soft and malleable, but with the addition of beryllium, exhibits good corrosion and oxidation resistance as well as high strength, without losing formability. It is very electrically

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    Properties. Beryllium copper is a ductile, weldable, and machinable alloy. It is resistant to nonoxidizing acids (for example, hydrochloric acid, or carbonic acid), to plastic decomposition products, to abrasive wear and to galling.

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    Beryllium is a lightweight, strong, steelgrey metal, and its oxide (beryllia) is a hard, white ceramic. Copper/beryllium alloys are 97% copper, containing up to 3%

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    We are the importers/Exporter and stockist of beryllium copper sheets in alloy 25 uns C17200 is an alloy which contains 2 % Beryllium Copper Alloy. This alloy achieves highest mechanical strength and hardness after heat treatment.

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    Beryllium is alloyed with copper or nickel to make springs, gyroscopes, electrical contacts, spotwelding electrodes and nonsparking tools, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. Other

  • MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Copper Beryllium Wrought Alloy

    Copper Beryllium Wrought Alloy MSDS March 3, 2003 Page 3 of 12 Skin contact with this material may cause, in some sensitive individuals, an allergic dermal response.

  • AT0003 0311 Cleaning Copper Beryllium materion

    various copper beryllium alloys will vary somewhat depending on the beryllium content of the particular alloy, but the behavior of Alloy 25 (C17200) is typical. In nominal nitrogen atmospheres (with or without hydrogen) the degree of BeO formation on heat treated Alloy 25 is dependent on temperature, as is the total thickness of the oxide scale. At 700°F and above, the outermost layer is

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    A list of chemical vendors that sell this compound. Each vendor may have multiple products containing the same chemical, but different in various aspects, such as amount and purity.

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    This industrial directory contains a broad range of Tubing: Beryllium Copper companies serving all industries. This premier and trusted vertical directory contains manufacturers, distributors and service companies giving access to all their information available on the internet.

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    Nonberyllium copper alloys developed as an alternative to copper beryllium contain nickel, which also is on the same list of hazardous substances.

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    NGK Berylco, the world's leading manufacturer of beryllium containing alloys, is the first integrated copper alloy producer to earn the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certifiion and we have also achieved ISO 14001:2004 certifiion. Berylco® alloys are found in critical appliions ranging from miniature electronic connectors to aircraft

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    The primary forms of beryllium produced and used commercially are: Metallic beryllium and alloys containing >30% beryllium Copper beryllium alloys containing 0.10 – 2.0% beryllium

  • Beryllium Safety Bulletin Overview

    equipment, are capable of safely processing copper berylliumcontaining materials. However, like many industrial materials, copper beryllium may present a health risk if handled improperly. The inhalation of dust, mist or fume containing beryllium can cause a serious lung condition in some individuals. The degree of